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Cycle A - 2014

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 A1     1st Sunday
  of Advent
Matthew 24:37-44
Speaking Format-$5
Reading Format-$5
A2 2nd Sunday
 of Advent
Matthew 3:1-12
Speaking Format-$5
Reading Format-$5  

3rd Sunday
 of Advent
 Matthew 11:2-11 Speaking Format-$5
Reading Format-$5  
  4th Sunday
 of Advent
 Matthew 1:18-24
The Holy Family 
       of Jesus             
 Matthew 2:13-23  
The Ephipany of the Lord          Matthew 2:1-12  
 A7  The Baptism of Jesus      Matthew 3:13-17  
 A8  2nd Sunday
  in Ordinary time
John 1:29-34  
A9    3rd Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 4:12-23  
 A10 4th Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 5:1-12  
 A11 5th Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 5:13-16  

6th Sunday
  in Ordinary time

Matthew 5:17-37  
 A13 7th Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 5:43-48  
A14 8th Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 6:24-34  
A15  9th Sunday
  in Ordinary time
Matthew 7:21-27  
1st Sunday of   Lent
Matthew 4:1-11  
 A17  2nd Sunday of Lent  Matthew 17:1-9  
3rd Sunday of Lent
John 4:5-42  
 A19   Fourth Sunday of Lent John 9:1-41  
 A20  5th Sunday of Lent
John 11:1-45  
 A21  Palm Sunday
Matthew 26:14-27, 66  
 A21a Good Friday
 John 18:1-19, 42  
Easter Sunday

John 20:1-9  
 A23  2nd Sunday of Easter
 John 20:1-9  
 A24   3rd Sunday of Easter
Luke 24:13-35  
 A25   4th Sunday of Easter
 John 10:1-10  
  A26  5th Sunday of Easter  John 14:1-112  
  A27 6th Sunday of Easter  John 14:15-21  
  A28 7th Sunday of Easter   John 17:1-11  
 A29  Ascension of Our Lord  Matthew 18:16-20  
 A30 Pentecost John 20:19-23  
  A31  Trinity John 3:16-18  
A31a    Matthew 6:7-15  
 A31b   Matthew 6:19-23  
 A32 Corpus Christi John 6:51-58  
 A33  Sacred Heart of Jesus  Matthew 11:25-30  
 A34  15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 13:1-23  
 A35 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 13:24-43  
 A36   17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 13:44-52  
 A37  18th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 14:13-21  
 A38 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 14:22-33  
 A39 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 15:21-28  
 A40 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 16:13-20  
 A41 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 16:21-27  
 A42 23th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 18:15-20  
 A43 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Matthew 18:21-35  
 A44 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 20:1-16  

 26th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 21:28-32 Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5  
A46  27th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 21:33-43
Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5    
A47a   28th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:1-14
Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5   
 A47b   Luke 11:37-54
 29th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:15-21  Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5
A49   30th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 22:34-40  Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5
 A50 31st Sunday
in Ordinary Time

 Matthew 23:1-12 Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5
 A51 32nd Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 25:1-13
Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5
 A52 33rd Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 25:14-30
Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5
 A53 34rd Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Matthew 25:31-46
Speaking Format-$5

Reading Format-$5


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